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Nawaz Sharif’s statements in court and speeches don’t match

The Supreme Court of Pakistan Wednesday (today) resumed hearing of the Panama Papers case involving Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family members. The

Pakistan court has opened doors to discussion on blasphemy law

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ruled that it isn’t blasphemous to suggest revisions to the country’s controversial laws against blasphemy. Human-rights campaigners said the judgment would give greater freedom to

Will Pakistan be able to overcome its alcohol denial

(By Murtaza Haider) Consuming pork is sinful and forbidden in Islam. However, Islamic law does not prescribe whipping or incarceration to those who consume

Supreme Court orders special security force for minorities

Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the creation of a special force to provide security to the religious places of minorities, after a spate

SC resumes Karachi conflict hearing

The Supreme Court of Pakistan resumed hearing the Karachi law and order case today (Monday) where the Additional Inspector General (AIG) Police Shahid Hayat