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Taliban Khan: A lethally accurate label

PLENTY, if it happens to be ‘Taliban Khan’. The wit who bestowed the nickname on Imran Khan probably had no idea how lethally accurate

Swat Valley sees boost in tourist activity

Starting from Eid-ul-Fitr over 300,000 tourists from across the country have so far visited Swat Valley. Confirming this, officials and residents said that during this

Face of Second Largest Hand Carved Buddha Statue to be reconstructed

By Sebastian Abbot When the Taliban blew the face off a towering, 1,500-year-old rock carving of Buddha in northwest Pakistan almost five years ago,

A better period for India and Pakistan

By Shashi Tharoor   India and Pakistan are enjoying one of the better periods in their turbulent relationship. Recent months have witnessed no terrorist incidents,

Pakistan’s competitive skiers arrive in Malam Jabba

As life for the people of Swat valley begins to normalise, a skiing gala tournament kicked off on Thursday in one of the valley’s