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Islam has nothing to do with terrorism

Beheadings, stoning to death, blasphemy, conversion by the sword, caliphate — words that have come back to haunt us from the Middle Ages. You

SHC stops ECP from printing ballot papers before Apr 21

The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Monday restrained the Election Commission of Pakistan from printing ballot papers of the 11 recently delimited constituencies of

How to solve unemployment?

Rising unemployment, especially for young people. Here’s a radical solution, says commentator on office and workplace life, Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times (born

Are violent movies the cure for real life bloodshed?

For all the grim news about the economy and jobs over the last few years, one indicator of the quality of life in the

Hackers steal credit card information from global think tank

Hackers targeted Stratfor, a global intelligence company, but it was unclear Sunday evening whether the breach and apparent release of credit card information was