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The politics of water

(By Usama Malik) The prosperity of Pakistan is essentially dependent on water security. “If the wars of this century were fought over oil, the

Dereliction of Duty

It was just a few weeks back that a catastrophe in a posh locality in Lahore was dubbed by the government as a generator

From the ugliness of terrorism comes out the beauty of humanity

Pakistan has too often witnessed the devastating ugliness of terrorism. A country once completely safe, where children could go to schools, playgrounds, ride their

Who sold Kashmir for what

The fifteenth century will always be remembered for the start of European slave trading in Africa with the Portuguese transporting people from Africa to

Quetta blast kills at least 14

(By SYED ALI SHAH) At least 14 people were killed and over 10 injured in an explosion near a polio centre in Quetta’s Satellite