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City of Ruins

It is rather unclear where those, gasping in shock at Karachi being ranked as one of the worst cities to live in, come from

Terror returns in Pakistan

At least 108 innocent people embraced shahdit (martyred) and more than 414 injured in eight attacks of different areas in Pakistan. In four days’

Of war and peace – Pakistan’s journey continues

No sane country or responsible government sends its troops to war unless it starts running out of options. Pakistan became a victim of its

Terrorism – Targeting the unarmed

(By Sohail Tajik) On January 20, four attackers sneaked into the Palosa Campus of Bacha Khan University, Charsadda, from its rear wall. After neutralising

Donald Trump the Mullah

(By Rabia Ahmed) This particular less pleasant side of the USA was known and seen, but like the dark side of the moon it was