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Twitter restores access to blocked blasphemous content in Pakistan

Islamabad: Twitter Inc. has restored access inside Pakistan to dozens of tweets and accounts, after blocking them last month following official complaints about “blasphemous”

Will Facebook owned Instagram surpass Twitter?

In case you missed it, Twitter (TWTR) is having big problems as a public company. They don’t have a problem with their core product.  Its users

Leading writers around the world urge for greater freedom of expression in Turkey

Leading writers from Turkey and around the world have expressed grave concern regarding the severe threats to free expression in the country in an

Why BlackBerry is history

“A tech giant rises – another falls,” said the front-page headline on the Financial Times. It juxtaposed Twitter’s initial public offering (IPO), which is set to

Welcome to the digital era

The mobile and tablet revolution is upon us, faster than we in the media industry can respond. News is becoming more social and more