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The problem of language in education

By Zubeida Mustafa  PAKISTAN has failed to educate its children. This is shameful and now we have the proverbial insult added to injury. It

The all new revolutionized tech-savvy Taliban

They hated modernity, secular education and modern scientific inventions – they banned music and smashed television sets during their rule in Afghanistan until 2001.

Pakistani Education: Factual errors, strong biases and lack of a system

What are we teaching our children? While curriculum and quality of education issues have especially been highlighted since 9/11, albeit from a rather narrow

Want to make money? think Pakistan

I recently returned from a reporting trip to Pakistan, one of the most fascinating countries I’ve ever visited. My first story, “Into the Fray,”

Laal – Jhoot Ka Uncha Sar

Jhoot Ka Uncha Sar Daikha Hai by Habib Jalib. Laal has combined the Brechtian idea of defamiliarization with the wonderfully satirical poem by Habib