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Russia can pose a serious challenge to US global ambitions

Nobody needs to read Zbigniew “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski’s 1997 opus to know US foreign policy revolves around one single overarching theme: prevent – by

The connection between ISIS and US-led coalition

(By Sharmine Narwani) It’s been a bad time for foes of ISIS. Islamic State scored a neat hat-trick by invading strategic Ramadi in Iraq’s mainly

How the West lost in the Middle East

By Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr. (USFS, Ret.) The Collapse of Order in the Middle East Remarks to the 23rd Annual Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference

Making sense of Pakistan – India LoC

*The figures quoted above have been collected from local and international newspapers. The number of ceasefire violations may vary across sources. Why is this

Israel killing of Palestinian civilians violates international humanitarian law, reports Human Rights Watch

The Human Rights Watch accused the Israeli forces on Monday of firing on and killing civilians in the southern Gaza town of Khuzaa in