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Constraints hinder women empowerment in Pakistan: UN

Many restrictions hold women back in Pakistan in their quest for economic advancement, says a new World Bank report. According to ‘Women, Business and

Ali Zafar demands public clarification from Junaid

Junaid Jamshed is in the spotlight again and not for a good reason. After facing severe criticism over his recent sexist remark, the pop

A tiny silver in the population

By Sanaa Jatoi I come from a family with no male head of household. After my father’s passing in 2005, it has been my

Women park cars better than men

Britain’s largest car park operator, NCP, put together a month-long experiment to determine whether men or women are more skilled at parking cars, and

Family Planning Experts advise keeping girls in school

But experts warn against extreme measures, such as China’s ‘one child’ policy CHICAGO — Former Irish President Mary Robinson was just making polite conversation when she