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Pakistan-India water dispute: PM Nawaz counting on World Bank

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Thursday hoped that the World Bank would play a lead role in resolution of disputes arisen between India and Pakistan

Indo-Pak relations and the Indus Water Treaty

The 1960 World Bank-mediated Indus Water Treaty (IWT) has survived the harshest of wars, clashes and conflicts between India and Pakistan. The history of

You are melting the Arctic ice

(By Brady Dennis) Dirk Notz calculates that for every person who drives a car 1,000 miles or takes a round-trip flight from New York to London, three

Putting 1 billion Indians online

(By Vidhi Doshi) Tech giants hope to benefit from widening access in a country where just 26% of the population has access to the

Educational video game developed by Pakistani girl for the underpriviliged

A Pakistani girl was selected out of 700 teams and 1000 students at a global technology competition. Mariam Adil won the Clinton Global Initiative