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Harsh sentence passed by Saudi Arabia on Zaid Hamid: A sign of fear?

Controversial analyst and commentator Zaid Hamid aka ‘Lal Topi Wala’ has been sentenced for eight years in jail and 1,000 lashes by a Saudi

The Inadequacies of Pakistan’s Liberal Media

From a tool for state propaganda to playing whistle blower in high profile scandals, the media of a country yields incredible potential by holding

Zaid Hamids Self Righteous Crusade against SAFMA

In the midst of the many polarized directions in which Pakistan seems to be heading, Zaid Hamid who is a well known Pakistan security

Zaid Hamid’s Ridiculous Crusade against SAFMA

Two statements have been circulating in my head for the last few days. The first one is by George Orwell: In a time of universal deceit –