The immoral guardians of morality

We are a nation of hypocrites… hypocrisy is in our blood. The wimpish administration at our educational institutes, corrupt police, weak governance and confused society is the reason why these “students” have the audacity to harass others. Had there been capable people in government departments and administration capable of managing the educational institutes such goons would neither exist nor dare to ever act like this. Additionally if the educational institutes were actually keeping the students busy with work load and force them to get passing grades without letting them cheat these useless student unions would be focusing on something constructive. The government needs to draft a student union “constitution” where clear laws, rights and prerequisites need to be established to ensure that all students and their unions have clearly defined boundaries of what they can or cannot do. Educational, legal, administrative, security experts should be made part of a consultative team to draft, approve and implement legal student unions. Heavy fines, prison sentences and other strict disciplinary actions must be taken against those who violate the law.
Why union based campus violence is destroying our society

A man was beaten up on Wednesday at Punjab University by a student organisation for sitting with a woman (another human being / his wife) on campus. The woman says she is his wife.

The couple were eating food near the university’s history department when the group approached them.

In a video of the attack, the woman, an MPhil student at the sociology department, can be heard shouting, “He is my husband. Why are you beating him up?” Professors had to intervene to stop the fight.

The couple argue that they weren’t doing anything wrong and were just eating. The man hasn’t filed a complaint yet (because his wife has to still study there).

The (wimpish) university administration has “taken notice”. The head of security at the university told SAMAA TV that the couple has forgiven (as if they had a choice) the goons and hence no action can be taken.

A security (idiot) guard at the university said the couple was talking to each other in a ‘frank manner’ (like civilized humans should) and that he went to tell them to stop “because it’s a university” (run by weak administration and low IQed hypocrite goons). The students attacked the couple soon after the guard approached them.

Similar events were reported at the university earlier and there has been an increase in attacks because the administration doesn’t take action. Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar also took notice of the attack and said that acts of violence will not be tolerated at educational institutes. He ordered the administration to present a report and take action against the culprits.