The investigation report of the tribunal set up to investigate the Kharotabad incident has come out and its surprising why the media channels are not focusing on the hard facts of the evidence presented by the investigation team.

According to the report, these tourists were not on a vacation trip to Pakistan – but in fact they were terrorists on a mission to cause destruction and havoc. An estimated amount of 54 detonators and suicide jackets have been recovered from their belongings. In addition, a hard drive with around 55 Gigabytes of sensitive data has been recovered from their luggage which contains sensitive information about key locations and targets.

Videos recovered also indicate that they were trained with medium to long range weapons. In one of the clips even the women are shown honing their skills with the AK47 rifles. The passports which have been extracted indicate that this group was composed of Russians and Tajik nationals.

The only concern right now is that the detonators, the suicide jacket or the hard disk have not been shown to the media and this can become a bone of contention for a number of media agencies about the transparency of the case.

But despite this suspicion and in the light of the evidence which has been revealed (the training videos), it seems that the FC and the Police performed their duty to the best of their abilities and these ‘terrorists’ were killed in the name of national security.

  • Pakistani

    No where in this video or in that hard drive is proved that it is belong to them. Despite they were terrorists, who give authority to FC and Police to make justice as Judge without interrogation. Don’t try hide these bastards (FC). All the nation knows about them. They can not prevent real terrorists but shoot innocent women and helpless people. Shame on them. May Allah give them justice soon . . .

  • Pakistani

    Officials of the Frontier Corps (FC) and police have been held responsible for the killings of five foreigners in Kharotabad on May 17. A portion of the inquiry report being drawn out by a judicial tribunal into the incident was made public by the Balochistan Home Department on Thursday. The report’s publicised portion says that the FC and police personnel were responsible for the “extra-judicial killings”, and proposes severe action against them. Sources, which had access to the tribunal’s report, say that SHO Fazlur Rehman and ASI Raza Khan of the Kharotabad Police Station had been held “responsible” for the incident. They add that “the report proposes stern action against them”. The report also recommends action against former Quetta police chief Dawood Junejo and Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Shahzad of the FC for mishandling the situation. Footage of the incident, filmed by a journalist, showed Faisal Shahzad opening fire at the foreigners. In the report, the tribunal says regardless of whether the foreigners had entered Pakistan illegally or whether they were terrorists, there was no reason for opening fire and killing them. “They (foreigners) could have been caught alive since they were unarmed. The security officials could have obtained more information about them and their mission if they were caught alive and questioned thoroughly,” it says. “It was mentioned that the foreigners were trained for terrorist activities. But, they did not possess any explosive material, suicide vests, arms or ammunition when they were gunned down.” mohammad zafar