The ugly man in USA

By Ghalib Sultan

A former political appointee Pakistani ambassador to the US has been resident in the US since 2012. He moved there after a court case investigated his possible connivance in a letter to the US asking them to make defanging the Pakistan military a condition for US support. At that time the term ‘trojan horse’ came to mind. Now this gentleman has given the terms ‘toady’ and ‘turncoat’ a whole new meaning. In an article in the Wall Street Journal dutifully picked by our media he questions the US government’s wisdom of selling helicopters and missiles to Pakistan and ‘advises’ the US against such a step. His reasoning is that Pakistan will use these weapon systems to ‘fight’ India and against the Baluch insurgents.

In his enthusiasm to appeal to a certain segment in the US and to a larger audience in India the former ambassador forgets that Pakistan already has such weapon systems and is using them only in the Counter terror operation being executed by the Pakistan military with much success. He also forgets to state that Pakistan is fully aware of the asymmetry with India and has no desire to enter into an arms race to achieve parity. Pakistan’s full spectrum deterrence is designed to ward off the threat from India and not to ‘fight’ India –unless the former ambassador knows of Indian plans for aggression against Pakistan that lesser mortals are not aware of. Pakistan does not need such US supplied weapon systems to deal with the handful of externally sponsored ‘insurgents’ in Baluchistan. Pakistan is doing a good job of sidelining not only them but also the criminals in Karachi. The US is aware of this reality and it does not take decisions without fully considering the consequences. So they have taken absolutely the right decision and at the right time in terms of US interests.

The former ambassador’s outburst will find resonance among others in the US who never lose an opportunity to do a hatchet job on Pakistan especially its military and intelligence apparatus. He will certainly be lauded in India where he visited recently specifically to bad mouth his country — much to the delight of his hosts. The trouble is that those making verbal attacks on Pakistan to please their masters have fitted themselves into a groove by saying the same old things again and again so one just has to read the name of the author to classify the article and discard it. As the townspeople told the Pied Piper of Hamelin—‘go on fellow do your worst, blow your pipe till you burst’ when they refused to pay for his services. One wonders if there is a profit motive behind such blatant unpatriotic utterances.