Ummeed-e-Milaap: IIT – India and LUMS – Pakistan Students join hands

A wonderful initiative taken by institutes of India (Techfest-IIT Bombay) and Pakistan (LUMS SPADES, AIESEC Karachi and FAST Karachi), Ummeed-e-Milaap is a platform for students of both countries to come and work together as a team. It bridges differences and provides an opportunity for students to learn from each other.

Originally published as: Ummeed-e-Milaap – Collaboration between students of India and Pakistan

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The qualifier event for Techfest-IIT Bombay was held on October 8, 2011 at LUMS. The task set to all participants was to design a ‘line-following’ robot; the robot that completed the race-track set in the least possible amount of time without any glitches would clear that round. Around twenty teams from all around Punjab registered for this event including GIK, NUST Islamabad, CASE and Punjab University. Many teams withdrew at the competition venue due to technical issues; however some teams displayed extraordinary ingenuity including a robot that carried the Indian flag on its hull. The event was a tremendous success with NUST being declared the winners and CASE University the runners-up. The winners will now get a chance to cross the border and participate in Techfest-IIT Bombay.

The prime aim of this initiative is to promote peace as today’s youth is driven towards improving relations between India and Pakistan. This motivation and drive is clearly manifested in the Indo-Pak Peace Diary which is being circulated in both countries so that students can pen their thoughts about peace between the two neighbors. The Peace Diary was open to the LUMS community on the 26th and 27th of October and attracted a large number of comments from students and faculty. The Peace Diary is now continuing its journey through different institutions through Pakistan. The best ones will then be compiled into the Peace Diary and will be displayed on January 6, 2012 at Techfest-IIT Bombay and on January 20, 2012 at LUMS PsiFi, Lahore. Moreover, Ummeed-e-Milaap’s facebook page [] will also show the diary and all the comments related to it. Involving students and getting them to express their desire for peace is a great step forward for future collaborations between institutes in India and Pakistan.

Courtesy: Society for the Promotion and Development Of Engineering and Sciences (SPADES)

Lahore University of Management Sciences