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Understanding PML-N's mentality - Area 14/8

Understanding PML-N’s mentality

The real colors of PML N as an autocratic and undemocratic party were shown when a crown was presented to the crown princess. It is evident from the rising debt and class divide in Pakistan that PML N is a party of oligarchs and big capitalist. It is because of that they prefer big-ticket projects which are executed at one of the highest cost in the region. PML N has never executed projects that increase exports, helps small farmers, uplift poor through improved earning and a better quality of life.

PTI believes the development of small enterprises and improving lives of small farmers/labor is the only way the economic prosperity can be achieved at a sustainable level. PTI also believes everyone has to pay a fair share of tax to contribute towards the development of the nation. This is not preferred by PML N because it goes against their constituency of rich people that do not want to lose affordable serfs. PML N offers amnesty scheme to rich so that they can whiten their ill-gotten wealth. These same rich people fund PML N politics and party expenses.

PTI is the party that will offer a sustainable development program with a focus on improving tolerance, social justice, and erasing class divide. PML N on the other hands is a promoter of intolerance. The hate speech of son in law of PML N and derogatory comment about poor by a senator of PML N is the true elitist nature of this party. PML N was preaching negotiations and requesting terrorists not to attack Punjab when PTI was demanding strict action by the state. PMLN was negotiating and appeasing Faizabad fitna leaders when PTI was demanding state and parliament stand up to them. PML N looked the other way when religious minorities were targetted while PTI demanded action against it.

PTI believes in rule of law and upholding of justice. PML N on the other hands believes in the rule of the rich and twisting of the constitution to suit one family. PTI believes in protecting state institutions so that they remain independent and autonomous. PML N believes in attacking and destroying institutions so that they remain subservient to them.

PTI believes in a strong federation where provinces work together to develop a single united nation. PML N promotes the ethnic superiority of one province and has weakened the federation by a biased development program. They refuse to acknowledge the misery of people in small provinces, especially in the rural areas.

PTI does not believe in minus one through undemocratic ways. PML N throughout its history were the facilitators and partners of undemocratic forces to derail parliament. They were distributing sweets and joining hands with military dictators to further their political career.

These are the two choices that nation will be offered in next general elections. On one side will be PML N that was nurtured by military dictators and controlled by a family that has gotten richer while the nation became poorer and people remain subjugated to feudal and oligarch. Five more years of elite PML N will bankrupt Pakistan while they get richer.  On the other side will be PTI a party developed through grassroots efforts seeking social justice, tolerance, bridging class divide and provide level playing field to all.

We are confident the nation will reject elite status quo and support reform agenda of PTI. Inshallah, our manifesto will present a program that will be accepted by the nation and honored by a mandate.

By Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi