When facts seem like fiction


    Miss X a Pakistani living in Lahore while browsing through a magazine saw a scarf that she liked. The ad said that it could be delivered anywhere in the world. She ordered it giving her Lahore address and making the payment as advised. The cost of the scarf was Rs. 41 824.

    Lo and behold her order arrived. She was thrilled till she saw the charges that she had to pay in Pakistan. This was the break-up of charges demanded:

    Assessed value of the item (AV) Rs. 41824.00 This was the cost declared by her.
    Customs Duty (CD) Rs. 8360.00 at 20% of AV
    Additional Customs Duty (ACD) Rs. 836.00 at 25 of AV + ACD
    Regulatory Duty (RD) Rs. 2091.00 at 5%
    Sales Tax Rs. 9029.80 at 17% on AV+CD+ACD+RD
    Additional Sales Tax Rs. 1593.49 at 3% on AV+CD+ACD+RD
    Income Tax Rs. 3824.00 at 6% on AV+CD+ACD+RD
    Total Charges Rs. 25,740.00
    Plus, the following:

    DO Charges
    Court Fee Handling Charges

    Excise Charges Rs. 453.00
    CA charges Rs. 173.00
    DHL Inbound Processing Fee Rs. 464.00
    Grand Total Rs. 26,830.00

    She refused to pay and returned the item. Lesson is that do not order anything from abroad for delivery in Pakistan. Have it delivered somewhere abroad and then ask someone coming to Pakistan to bring it for you.

    Another true story. A doctor living and practicing in Pakistan for the last 30 years was asked to report in person to the PMDC in Islamabad for authentication of his degrees. He was advised to bring his original degrees from Pakistan and the USA as the passport he used 30 years ago when he went for studies to the USA 30 years ago clearly showing the exit /entry stamps.