When personal egos surpass national interest

Pakistan is led by politicians who have such large egos that anything can be sacrificed for it even national interest. Time and again they have made statements that have embarrassed Pakistan internationally and weakened our diplomatic position. Nawaz Sharif statement implicating Pakistan in Mumbai terrorist attack is the latest example of it. He is a three times Prime Minister and aware of all facts. His statement can’t be brushed aside. The other pertinent question is that why does he have to make public statements about a national security matter rather than tackle it through proper channels especially since his PML N is in the government. His objective seems to be to embarrass Pakistan for his narrow self-interest.

As the debate about Nawaz Sharif continues, Sheikh Rasheed, a loose mouth and fitna promoter, tweeted about Mumbai attacks in a way confirming Pakistan’s involvement.

This is a very serious issue and cannot be ignored. Parliament is about to end its term but it is their responsibility that standing committee on Foreign Affairs should question Nawaz Sharif and Sheikh Rasheed to provide evidence backing their statements. Senate Foreign Relations Committee should also do the same. After collection of evidence and questioning these committees should decide what further actions need to be taken including prosecution for violating national security.

The larger issue in Pakistan is that facts are hidden from the nation and only accessible to a handful of ruling elite. Hammood ur Rehman Commission, Ojhri Camp Ordinance Factory accident, Kargil debacle, Abbottabad Commission, Dawn Leaks, and Raja Zafarul Haq Committee reports all are kept in secret. On the other hand, our history books are full of concocted fiction to promote a certain narrative. All these facts should be made public so that those responsible for hurting national interests are held accountable and punished regardless of whoever they are. Proper recording of history is critical if we want to progress as a nation. At 70 we should be mature enough to handle facts.

By Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi