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Where is the law? - Area 14/8

Where is the law?

  • Where is the law?Is there any hope left?

Investigation department of police has a strategic role in controlling crime in society. It is a pertinent fact that investigation officers’ role is quiet dubious because they exploit powers, use them against the victims of crime and gain financial tangible, intangible benefits. Investigation officers in police facilitate criminals in a supportive and strategic way, which can be seen and proved whenever analysed keenly in many cases. The question is how these police officials still have the courage for corruption after implementation of so much restriction and control on corrupt, manipulated ways used by them.

We can see from investigation department resources how police has low and sub-standard facilities and forensic support for investigations. Question that arises here is how they are managing and surviving in such circumstances. But analysing keenly can help us understand that this nefarious sordid echelon in this department is because of this low sub-standardised system, which acts as a shield whenever they are targeted by anti-corruption elements. Because they having the excuse of not having state of the art facilities to reach true culprits.

According to experts the judiciary depends on police investigation file due to shortage of time and pressure from higher justice system, which allows elements in the police service to indulge in corrupt practices. One more fact, in our criminal procedural code police has embellished and unnecessary powers. That is not only supporting them to complete their nefarious acts, under the umbrella of justice system, but is also laying foundations for destruction of peaceful elements in society.

It is also more or less customary for anybody raising voice against corrupt police officials to find themselves nominated in FIRs (first information reports) in which the culprits are anonymous. I have many friends who were targeted by investigation officers (IO) because they raised their voice against these nefarious groups in this department. Mostly corrupt police officials nominate in different cases whoever tries to proceed according to law against them. And the charges imposed can be related to murder cases, theft or robbery, terrorism, fraud and scam gangs.

There are settled corruption rates of many police officials — during investigations to manipulate proceedings in favour of the one with benefits. They professionally ask for bidding and whoever bids more for their favour is the one who not only wins but also creates hurdles for other party. Rates in corruption can drift and overlap accordingly with change in interests from higher authorities in police. Mostly investigation department’s officers blame senior officials and civil services qualified authorities but the reality is contrary to their claims.

We can see from investigation department resources how police has low and sub-standard facilities and forensic support for investigations

Manipulation of facts in criminal cases can always be seen by investigation officers, but question is why? They have only one task, which is to investigate and present facts in front of courts. Why do they try to be the arbitrator? They should have no authority because that’s the point from where they get support in corruption. And this acts as shield for the corrupt police officials and they know how to manipulate this for their own benefit.

Pakistan’s police system also suffers from lack of training. The question is why police officials have so much avarice? Why do some of them suffer from greed that makes them do business in uniform instead of being a public servant? Why do higher authorities in police act as the hub of support to corruption? Why do civil services qualified officers have the power to force investigations according to their stance?

Ironically, most of the investigation department police officials have no idea what their future generations going to face because of their nefarious acts. There are many examples of such officials but most prominent of them was Abid Boxer. He tried to act for his own benefits only and is now example for those who are trying to reach the level of power and wealth which is stated as symbol of pride.

We have recently seen the respected Chief Justice of Pakistan taking notice of the incident in which a police officer was beaten by lawyers in court. Many facts were not highlighted and from those facts one is that the police officer was a lawyer’s son and was supporting the case in which his father was proceeding in court. According to the officials standing nearby, who acted to save the policeman from lawyers, everybody around knew that the incident took place because of corruption in the investigation of the case.

Now we have a government with the slogan of “Naya Pakistan”. Let’s see how much reform, for the betterment of the people, is going to be done.

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